The Faces of Wildwood

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the Wildwood campus and spoke with a few students about their favorite things about community college and some of their best study tips.

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Staying Focused

Today, I talk about staying focused. This is an issue which I frequently run into, hopefully this will help some of you!

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Am I Doing it Right?

You’re not doing it wrong.

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Out and About: Pappy’s Smokehouse

Hey all,

I’m welcoming you to the first post in a series I’m calling “Out and About.” I will cover restaurants, games, and local events. In this post, I’ll be reviewing a barbecue spot that’s a St. Louis favorite and has appeared on the Travel Channel show “Man vs. Food.”

Located at 3106 Olive, the restaurant’s name itself, Pappy’s Smokehouse, piques my interest. On the food taster scale, I consider myself somewhere between connoisseur and barbecue fan, so I decided to try their chicken and their pork.

Now, when I think of barbecue the first I think of is St. Louis-style, which usually means heavy sauce. However, this barbecue is made Memphis-style, sides on the side and slow smoked over apple and cherry wood meat. They do have sauces for you if want to add them. There’s Pappy’s Original – Classic barbecue sauce, tangy with a kick, Jane’s Sweet Sauce, Holly’s Hot Sauce – Texas style hot sauce, and for the daring there’s the Hoodoo Sauce – 7/10 in heat and 10/10 in flavor.

The decoration is best described like the name: unique. They have everything from pigs to a Blue’s hockey jersey. I thoroughly enjoyed their food from their smoky tasting green beans to their taste-bud hollering ribs. If you leave dissatisfied, it’s probably because they closed early. I recommend visiting the place on a dreary day as the line might not be out the door. They recently expanded taking on an old bar that was next to them about 6 months ago. I enjoyed my time at this restaurant and encourage you all to visit.

If you have any suggestions about what to do next let me know by commenting below.

Signing off until next time,


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Staying Motivated

Today, I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of the usual blog text-post, here’s a vlog!

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Time to Set Your Alarm Clock!

Classes start tomorrow. Yep, that’s right! No more winter break. A lot of us will probably have to re-arrange our sleeping schedules to fit our class-periods, or, maybe you’re like me and you’re taking all of your classes online this semester (depending on how many credit hours you’re taking, this may mean no sleep).

For quite a few students, this is their first semester. To all of them, I would like to wish a very warm welcome and I’m sorry I wasn’t around during your orientation. Though, for many of us, this is the last semester before graduation. Many of us are very close to the finish line, just a few more months, a few more classes.

To all of you who have enough credits to call this your final semester, I want you to remember that you are really close to victory. I know you can make it to the end! Don’t lose the momentum. I especially encourage you to end your time at STLCC on a high-note, shoot for the highest grades you can get, get involved in that club you’ve been thinking about joining, help out at activities across campus, this is your time.

Of course, this is also true for all of you who are new or somewhere in the middle of reaching your degree. Get involved, in your education and on campus.

I hope you all have a great semester, and I’ll meet you at the finish line!

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5 Tips to a Stress Free Semester

Hey there guys and gals,

Stress it’s something we all deal with and now that school is starting back up there is a lot less time for students to goof off. School is stressful but here are some ways to cope.

Sleep well – The way you do in school is effected by how you sleep. Getting a good night’s rest will be able to keep you active and alert throughout the day.

Eat a balanced breakfast – Although students tend to live in a lifestyle where there are a lot of choices of what to eat. We all need breakfast. By eating a healthy breakfast the brain off on the right path in the morning, which keeps it full and focused until our next meal.

Seek help – There will always be things that not everyone will understand. However, that doesn’t mean giving up. If you get stuck on homework seek help by going to a tutor or asking the instructor. They will know how to help. Also, this isn’t an excuse to not do you’re work. Attempt it first with your notes if you still are stuck or there’s something you’re just not getting then go to the instructor and tutor.

Don’t procrastinate – Coming off of break you tired and trying to find your way back into the class routine. Trust me, I know where you’re coming from, I’ve been in the same position. That doesn’t give you the right to procrastinate though. As the longer you push off the assignments the later you have to work on them. By scheduling time for yourself to do the assignments you will give yourself the ability to do well in the class. Having trouble getting going? Try This: Start on the assignment for just 20 minutes if you feel like you need a break after that amount of time take a small one and repeat until the assignment is done.

Have a plan – If you find yourself freaking out over the semester and are about to have a mental breakdown then take a deep breath and try this. Write down what is stressing you out then write what about it specifically is stressing, note: “everything” or “I don’t know” isn’t helpful here. After that, break down what you could do to lighten the stress and boom there is your plan. Just stick with it and you’re off.

These have helped me and I’m sure they can help you. If you have some other fun, school appropriate, stress relieving tips feel free to post them below.

Signing off until next time,


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