Three Study Tips to Help Your “C” Turn Into An “A”

How are your classes going? Are you getting good grades?

I know for many of you the excitement of starting classes may have worn off by this point. It may have worn off the moment you realized that there is actually work involved.

It can be difficult to keep the energy levels high and stay motivated to do your work. I am shocked by how often I hear people say “I got a 76% on that test” and they get congratulated as if it was a 96%. Perhaps you are one of those people? A letter “C” grade is enough to get you by, you will still pass your classes and you will still graduate… but I must ask, are you getting anything out of it?

Sure, you get a piece of paper that says that you completed the required courses, which is great! You can go out and get a job with that. But beyond the paper, what have you gained? Did you learn anything cramming for that first test of the semester? I find it quite safe to assume not.

“But it’s so hard to get an ‘A.’” That is actually not at all true. You have an “A” from day one, everyone does. What can be difficult is maintaining your “A.” While there is no “one size fits all” method to keep you motivated through all of your work, I am willing to share a few tips that have worked for me.

1. Reward yourself. I have found that when I have something more to shoot for than simply a letter grade, I can get my work done faster and more efficiently. These rewards can be anything from allowing yourself to watch a funny cat video to buying that book you’ve had your eyes on forever.

2. Don’t cram. Speaking from personal experience as well as words that have been repeated to me (and likely you as well) many times. My Biology teacher (shout out to Mr. Cradick) offered his class an excellent study format to follow to keep our minds fresh so that we can absorb the maximum amount of information. Only spend 30 minutes at a time studying. If you need to study for longer, take a ten minute break every 30 minutes. Your brain is a muscle, and when you use any muscle for too long it breaks down. But when you take a break you have a chance to refresh your mind and learn even more.

3. Multi-Read. Another tip that my Biology teacher shared with his class (a method that I have used since I was homeschooled) was to read the book three times. The first time you aren’t really reading more than simply glancing over the headers and pictures (it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes per chapter). Then you sit and read through the text, but do not take notes. This step is simply for comprehension, and you may need to repeat this step if you are reading complicated text. Finally, read through the chapter and take notes (note that I do not say “highlight,” though you can if that is what works for you). Try to make each point as brief but detailed as you can (remember, your notes are supposed to help future study sessions move quicker, not be a rewrite of the text book).

Good luck!

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Welcome Back!

Christmas has passed. The new year is here, and with it comes a new semester, the first classes start tomorrow (Monday, January 13). Do you have your sticky notes ready?

I highly recommend to everyone that you start looking through your text books. If you don’t have them yet, what are you waiting for!? Go to the bookstore and get them! I also suggest reading and taking notes on the first chapter of each of your books, this will ensure that you are well prepared for your first day.

If you haven’t already, check Blackboard to see if your instructors have your course syllabus up yet. If they do, then you can get a head start on planning out the semester so that you can have all of your homework and studying done in advance (and you can take well-deserved breaks in between and after assignments).

Also, check your schedules to make sure that you know the correct start day for each of your classes. You may have a class that starts later in the semester.

Jump into this semester with confidence. Aim to make this your best semester yet, because with some effort, it can be. Good luck everyone!

For those of you whom have not registered for classes, or have decided you want to take another one, registration has been extended until Tuesday, January 14.

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Breakfast for the Faculty

This gallery contains 23 photos.

Last Wednesday (November 27th) Phi Theta Kappa put together their first annual faculty appreciation breakfast. The turnout was less than expected as there was still a large remainder of food and we ended up calling students in from the Commons … Continue reading

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Keeping up the Momentum

Since the newness of this semester has probably faded for most everyone, I thought I’d try to give some encouragement.  It can be oh-too-easy to start the semester off strong, with the ‘I’m ready to conquer the world’ mentality (especially if this is your first semester), only to fall into poor study habits a few weeks in. 


Here is a secret… your final assignment is just as important as the one you are just about to turn in.  Using basketball as a metaphor, the last shot missed is just as important as a shot missed in the first quarter.  People just react differently to the final shot taken at the buzzer.  Every shot counts, missed or not.  If you get a bad grade on an assignment because you put forth minimal effort it is possible to recover, but it requires working yourself harder on future projects.


If you have started slacking on your homework, make a resolution to start fresh today (not tomorrow, not next week… definitely not next semester).  Get yourself organized (cough, cough, sticky notes), and go!


On a slightly unrelated note, winter is fast approaching.  I highly recommend that all students sign up to receive STLCC alerts on their cell phones so that you can hear about school cancelations.  Simply text “Follow STLCCAlert” to 40404 from your mobile phone.  Despite the fact that these are Twitter updates, you do not need to have a Twitter account (however, if you do have one, you can follow @STLCCAlert ).

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“I am always doing that which I cannot do,

in order that I may learn how to do it.”
-Pablo Picasso

Unlike most of the STLCC student body population, I was home schooled. My parents decided to home school for academic reasons. As a family, we got our fair share of criticisms, especially from relatives. Their primary concern was (of course) socialization, since I am also an only child. Despite all of the accusations and rumors through the years, I was home schooled through high-school. I enrolled in my first class at STLCC Wildwood when I was 14, and became a full-time regular student the following semester.

After enrolling here at STLCC, I was told that it probably wouldn’t work out… I was too immature to handle it, etc. Here I am, a year later, and I’m doing just fine. I am going to let you in on a secret… although I started college early, I am not a genius. Learning is just as much of an effort for me as it is for everybody else. Just like everyone else, sometimes I fall short. But sometimes I thrive.

Put simply, don’t let someone else determine what you can or cannot do. Strive to be a better person.

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School and Work Ethics

Someone once gave me a bit of advice on developing a work ethic, “I’m there for eight hours a day anyway, I may as well do something productive.” The company pays for your time, you should do as they ask; whether it be bussing tables, talking to aggravated customers, or holding a broom up. It isn’t hard to be a good employee, just do as you are asked. Unless your job is public relations, only get on Facebook when you are off work; the company isn’t paying you for that.

I have applied this ethic to school. No, I’m not getting paid, but I am there for however many hours per day, I may as well learn something… and what’s worse, I’m paying to be there. It takes just as much time for me to get my work done and make good grades as it does for me to slack off. The difference is with one, I learn things that I can apply in life whereas the other I will probably forget what I was doing a week later. That is, if I ever even know what I’m doing (I think I was watching a YouTube video?)…

Let me put this in simple terms: Would you pay thousands of dollars for a car that doesn’t work? Probably not. The same mindset should be used when going to college. Why would someone waste thousands of dollars on education without getting the most out of it?

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Hey Look… Free Food!


Do I have your attention? Good.

I have some news for those of you who spend time at the Wildwood campus. This year the college is holding a variety of lectures. The first one was held Tuesday, September 17, and touched on various aspects of the Constitution as well as Natural Rights.

Pointing sign

Bobble Heads

The hour long lecture was given by Donna Babbit, in honor of Constitution Day. During the lecture Mrs. Babbit stressed the connections between the Declaration of Independence (more specifically, we viewed Jefferson’s draft, which did not contain the final verbiage), and John Locke’s work “Second Treatise of Government.” Many of these connections had to do with Natural Rights (for those of you unfamiliar with these, they are the right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness, rights which, based on these documents, belong to all people), and the belief that “property” is implied within the Declaration of Independence.

Other topics were discussed as well, such as the importance of Chicago Style (used to show sources in historical documents), and how public property becomes private.

Donna Babbit

Be sure to keep an eye on the “Upcoming Events” boards around campus to know when future lectures will be taking place, as well as other events around campus.


Also, for those of you who might be interested; the History Club meets every Wednesday at 1 P.M. in room 208 on the Wildwood campus.

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