Procrastination is a tricky thing, we all do it, we all get frustrated at ourselves for doing it, and repeat. In this vlog, I talk about how I combat the most harmful effects of procrastination.

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5 Ways to Help with Midterms

Hi all, I’ve learned from experience that procrastination isn’t a good thing. So here are five ways to make your midterms a lot easier.

5. Participate in class – This may be hard, especially for those of us who find a class boring, but showing the teacher you care is the first step in easing in.

4. Schedule your homework – Instead of letting everything pile on it’s best to take a deep breath and schedule yourself time to do homework. Even if that means cutting into time with friends.

3. Group study session –  I can guarantee you that not everybody in the class gets every subject. The best way to learn is together. Trying to figure out everything you don’t know and cram it in doesn’t work. Not one bit. However, by helping someone with what they don’t know it reinforces that in your head and then when that’s done they can help you with what your having trouble in.

2. Sleep well –  Making sure you’re well rested for class is very important. Being asleep in the class is not going to help you learn.

1. Ask the teacher –  If there’s a concept you’re not getting, ask the teacher. However, make sure if its on the homework it’s just one part. They are not there to do the homework for you. They will sit down and help you work out a solution. Make sure that you schedule time at least once to sit and talk with them.

Signing off until next time,

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The Faces of Wildwood

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the Wildwood campus and spoke with a few students about their favorite things about community college and some of their best study tips.

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Staying Focused

Today, I talk about staying focused. This is an issue which I frequently run into, hopefully this will help some of you!

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Am I Doing it Right?

You’re not doing it wrong.

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Out and About: Pappy’s Smokehouse

Hey all,

I’m welcoming you to the first post in a series I’m calling “Out and About.” I will cover restaurants, games, and local events. In this post, I’ll be reviewing a barbecue spot that’s a St. Louis favorite and has appeared on the Travel Channel show “Man vs. Food.”

Located at 3106 Olive, the restaurant’s name itself, Pappy’s Smokehouse, piques my interest. On the food taster scale, I consider myself somewhere between connoisseur and barbecue fan, so I decided to try their chicken and their pork.

Now, when I think of barbecue the first I think of is St. Louis-style, which usually means heavy sauce. However, this barbecue is made Memphis-style, sides on the side and slow smoked over apple and cherry wood meat. They do have sauces for you if want to add them. There’s Pappy’s Original – Classic barbecue sauce, tangy with a kick, Jane’s Sweet Sauce, Holly’s Hot Sauce – Texas style hot sauce, and for the daring there’s the Hoodoo Sauce – 7/10 in heat and 10/10 in flavor.

The decoration is best described like the name: unique. They have everything from pigs to a Blue’s hockey jersey. I thoroughly enjoyed their food from their smoky tasting green beans to their taste-bud hollering ribs. If you leave dissatisfied, it’s probably because they closed early. I recommend visiting the place on a dreary day as the line might not be out the door. They recently expanded taking on an old bar that was next to them about 6 months ago. I enjoyed my time at this restaurant and encourage you all to visit.

If you have any suggestions about what to do next let me know by commenting below.

Signing off until next time,


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Staying Motivated

Today, I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of the usual blog text-post, here’s a vlog!

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